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Do it YOUR Way!

Need landscaping for your new home? Like an awesome garden refresh?
Not sure how to start? 
We are here to help you!

Our landscape design professionals will work with you at our unique
"Do it Your Way"  area to create the perfect solution for your home.
Simply bring some basic measurements and a few pictures and we'll do the rest!
Need more help? Call to schedule an 
appointment and we'll be happy to come to your location - no charge!

Looking for the perfect housewarming  gift?

Our planters are an ideal gift - they can be kept inside as houseplants, outside to brighten up a lanai or can be transplanted to the garden. Please call or visit and we will create one just for you!

"I love to talk plants,
call me anytime!"

- Anita

ANita Potting.jpg

Landscape Design Consulting Services:

  • We provide a “Do it your Way” section with measurements

  • Professional help for creating the perfect garden to Add a Pop of Color

  • Provide several licensed professional landscapers for the larger projects for the customer

Quality Plants/Fair Price:

  • Personally inspect plant quality before purchasing

  • Emphasis on native Florida Zone 9A plants

  • Look for and find unique items that are cold hardy

Landscaper Referrals:

  • TGS is Familiar with Quality landscapers work and can recommend the right professional for the job that are licensed and insured

Butterfly Garden:

  • Children’s workshop

  • A place for children to learn the butterfly life stage cycle

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