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Dwarf 'Burfordii' Holly This classy plant is an elegant and formal South Florida shrub that also blends in with more casual landscapes of flowering or tropical plants and ornamental grasses.

When you think of holly plants, you might consider them more of a “Northern” plant. The dwarf variety of this classic shrub is the one to buy…it’s the one sold at our nursery!But tis well-behaved dwarf also blends in well almost anywhere there’s a sunny area. It makes an outstanding low hedge, accent or foundation planting.

Outdoor Care

The best time for planting is in early spring or late fall in relatively low temperatures combined with higher chance of rainfall. This will make it easier for the plant to settle in the new location.

The bush is best in well-drained but not dry and slightly acidic soil in full sun. However, most hollies are very tolerant of less than ideal locations and will grow well in part shade or dry or swampy soil.

Make sure that your newly planted holly bush is watered daily for the first week, twice a week for a month after that and, if planting in the spring, once a week for the remainder of summer. holly will grow in full sun to partial shade in hardiness zones 7-9.

It is heat and drought tolerant and pest and disease resistant. Scale insects can sometimes be a problem, producing a black, sooty mold. Fortunately, my plant has never been affected. Though it will adapt to a variety of soil types and pH levels, it likes well drained, acidic soil. Low maintenance gardening is first dependent on planting the right plant in the right place. If that rule is followed with Burford holly, it should provide you with years of pleasure.


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